hello human,

let's make 





tell a tiny story

a bite-sized personality video 

perfectly crafted to tell the tiny tale that's been on your mind.




a 15-30 second professionally produced video

that showcases your personality, a special skill,

or your own tiny version of VOGUE'S 73 questions.


a perfect clip length for ActorsAccess


need a longer video?

i've got you.

let's chat :)


 this is

anne betancourt


anne insists on wearing loafers to sunday brunch, and believes that cerulean wallpaper can change the economy. she makes a compelling case.


 this is

sophie langer


sorry fellas.

no flowers, no date.

when it comes to dating sophie langer, you must arrive with

a bouquet of lillies.

that, or you'd better have a really lar-


- we'll let her tell you.